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March, 2011

"Calling All Singer-Songwriters"

by Webmaster

I'm a fan of co-writing songs. I think that two people can, together, write a song that is better than either one could write alone. I love listening to other songwriters (and Cowboy poets). I love listening to song in genres other than the ones I'm used to. All of these things inspire me to write songs.

So it is natural for me to create songwriting events.

Since June, I have been hosting a Songwriters Showcase and/or Song Circle on the 2nd Thursday of each month Pickin' on Tennyson, 4252 Tennyson St, Denver. Suzie and Gary Solomon of Founders: Bands, Singers, Songwriters, Solo Performers, Sidemen, Instrumentalists, Performers, Entertainers, Musicians, Places to Hear Acoustic Music, Locations, Venues, Clubs, Festivals, Business and Services Supporting Acoustic Music, Music Stores, Musical Instruments, Music Teachers GospelGrass Gospel Grass: Places to Hear Acoustic Music, Locations, Venues, Clubs, Festivals, Music Promoters have graciously offered me time and space in their store. Many of your favorite musicians on AcousticByLines have joined me:

In addition, some friends and songwriters I admire have been there: Randy Jones, Emily Miller Bond; and I've met some great new-to-me songwriters: Greg Upton, Kevin DeForest, John and Julie Pennell.

We've all had fun and I've learned a lot from all of these folks.

Now, the show is changing, with the help of Luke Halpin. Luke performs with Stephanie Bettman. They're new to Denver, and bring new ideas and enthusiam to the show. They're great songwriters, great instrumentalists and great performers!

We want to make the 2nd Thursday of each month a destination for songwriters: a place to hear good songwriters perform as well as a place to share songs and get feedback on them.

The first Songwriters Showcase on March 10, featured Stephanie Bettman and Luke Halpin, Al "Doc" Mehl (the The Asphalt Cowboy), Bill and Sylvia Murray of the OTC Varmitz, Mike McGuffey of No One Man and Timothy Dale.

After the showcase, there was an unamplified songwriters circle, for anyone with a song to share.

We hope that folks who attend will love the new music, be inspired by hearing new music and will want to share their own songs. We hope connections will be made and songwriters can find co-writers and collaborators.

I drive over 100 miles to be part of this show each month. I definitely think it's worth it. We hope you'll come check it out, and like it enough to come back again and again.

Yes, this is shameless self-promotion. I don't make any money off the show. I really am doing this because I believe in it.

Thanks for visiting AcousticByLines.

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