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April, 2006

"Your Own Web Page"

by Webmaster

I have a client who hired me to build two simple web pages for his businesses. I asked him why he wanted these web pages, what he wanted to accomplish with the web pages: increased business, new customers, making information available to current and potential customers.

He answered that he wants people to be able to "google" him.

Even to people who are not particularly web savvy, being "googled" is as important as being available in the phone book. Perhaps more important. Many people go to the internet for information before they go to the phone book.

And at a minimum yearly cost of only $45 and set up costs as little as $100-200 for a simple site, in the long run, its more cost effective than an ad in the phone book and potentially reaches more people.

For people who don't want or don't have the money to have their own web page, sites like this one are an excellent way to get a web presence. For an initial fee that is the same amount of money as the cheapest yearly costs of a web site, a band or performer or acoustic music business can buy a membership on this site and have the web page built and maintained for them at no additional charge. In addition, the membership comes with gig and promo information and advertises to a bigger audience than an individual site would have.

For performers who already have their own web site, a membership in a site like this still offers the same gig and promo information, and advertising audience. And, it helps improve their own site's results in Google and other search engines.

According to "Weaving Your Web" by Mark Landsbaum, in the March/April 2006 Self Employed (National Association of the Self Employes),

"A Web site can be a hub of information.... A Web presence can also serve as your ongoing customer relations tool, your easily updated brochure, ... or your lure for new customers who otherwise wouldn't even know that [you] existed.

"Google, the popular and powerful Web searching engine, conducts more than 200 million searches a day. ... Although [you] may not turn up on the first page or two of most Google searches, many search engines now provide local options for Web users to narrow their searches geographically. And if [you] aren't limited by geography, a Web site provides you a doorway to the world, not merely to your neighborhood."

This article is followed by a list of 30 questions. If you answer so many questions "yes", you fall into 4 categories: 1) "Internet Phobic", 2) "Web Wannabe", 3) "You've Arrived", or 4) "A perfect 30". The last question is, "30. Would your mother be proud of you if you had a Web site?" To see the questions, please go to Website Questions.

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