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Bass Player, Singer, Composer, Studio Engineer

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Spencer Pyne is a great, versitile musician and studio engineer. In 2023, he started Pyne Backyard Concerts. In addition to playing regularly with three bands—Close 'n Counter (a Guitar Trio), Eddy Roswell & Phantom Ranch (Original Desert Rock), and Exit 232 (a Classic Rock)—he sits in with other bands and is a fabulous studio engineer.

with The Big Spenders Shindig Bar and Kitchen March 9 2024
The Shindig Bar and Kitchen
Lone Tree CO March 9 2024
with The Big Spenders
L to R: Mike Edmondson, Check Schmedeke, Dino Romanelli,
Kate Werkema Dran, Spencer Pyne
(photo by Cowgirl Camera)
Colorado Sandstorm Concert with JJ Fraser and the Pynedrops
Colorado Sandstorm Concert
with opening act: JJ Fraser & the Pynedrops and featured act: Dan Navarro
Monument CO June 17 2022
(L to R): Mike Edmondson, Spencer, Ernie Martinez, Brian McClure, JJ Fraser, (Ed Skibbe sound), Stacy McClure
(photo by Cowgirl Camera)

Sandstorm Rooftop Concert
Monument CO
Sept 5 2021

(photos by Terry Georgia)

with JJ Fraser, Dan Navarro, Spencer Pyne
L to R: J.J. Fraser, Sandy Reay, Dan Navarro, Spencer

with Ed Skibbe
L to R: Brian McClure on drums, Spencer, Eddie Roswell / Ed Skibbe ,
Ernie Martinez
, and Dan Navarro
with Spencer Pyne, Stacy McClure, Soda Blue photo by Cowgirl Camera
with Brian McClure (left), Stacy McClure (right), Soda Blue
(photo by Cowgirl Camera)


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