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March, 2015

WMA Colorado

by Webmaster started on January 1, 2004. My intent was to prove that acoustic musicians, venues who hire acoustic musicians, and businesses that cater to acoustic musicians are stronger when they join together rather than compete on an individual level.

That this web site has survived for over 11 years, and it's members have benefitted by it, is proof that cooperation and mutual help works.

Sept. 27-28, 2014, I had the honor of being part of an activity that was, in part, created to enable Cowboy poets and musicians to work together to strengthen themselves and the genre.

Thanks to Susie Knight, WMA Colorado Chapter held jams and showcases for it's members, in various parts of the state. As a result, we, the members, have had opportunities to get together with other musicians and poets, share our work, listen to others, get helpful feedback, inspiration, and opportunities to perform and get more experience.

In addition to the benefits for the members, it has increased awareness of the genre and attracted more fans.

We hope that it will also encourage Cowboy musicians and performers to join WMA andWMA Colorado Chapter. And, we hope that it will encourage fans and supporters of the genre to join as well. Membership dues provide necessary funding for future events.

Because of other commitments, health, and weather, I wasn't able to attend previous events. My loss. The people in WMA Colorado Chapter are amazing. They're talented, friendly, helpful, polite, and incredibly dedicated to Cowboy music and poetry. They came from all parts of Colorado, and two people came from Utah, at their own expense, to perform for 12 minutes each day.

There will be more showcases and jams scheduled in 2015. You can find them on the events calendars for each month.If you find you like Cowboy Music and Poetry, and want to check out more events, you might consider looking at Cowboy performers and other Cowboy Gatherings.

I strongly encourage you to come out and listen or be part of an event. It might not be something you ever thought of doing, but you might find that you really like it. As more events are added, and I'll post them on the events calendars. Be sure to check the calendars for each month.

Life offers many opportunities. Don't let excuses stop you from trying new things.

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