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January, 2010

"We've Come a Long Way, Baby"

by Webmaster

AcousticByLines came up January 1, 2004. A lot has happened since then.

AcousticByLines was financed by a group of Founders: musicians and friends who saw what I accomplished with the Colorado Bluegrass Music Society web site and believed that I could do the same thing for acoustic musicians. Other musicians and music-related businesses joined and some members dropped out. Life is change. I miss the ones who left, and wish them well. I thank the ones who stayed. I welcome the new members.

I included features on this site that were used on the Colorado Bluegrass Music Society web site or that I hoped would be used here: a page for paid ads, a bulletin board for posting information, and a monthly column that I hoped the members would contribute columns. Some did, but for the most part, I've written the monthly columns. I also hoped there would be more contributions to the technical tips page.

I also hoped that this web site would be a funnel for gig and promotional opportunities for the members. It has, but not to the extent that I wanted. I think the decline of the economy for the last 9 years contributed a lot to that. I have high hopes that when the economy turns around, this web site will be able to help its members a lot more.

New features have been added. The music samples page now includes links to videos on YouTube. And, a lot of people have contributed jokes, stories and quotes. What started as 4 pages has expanded to more than 50 pages. I got so many complements that I started a page for comments and feedback.

Many of the members released their own CDs. Some of them have released more than one CD and some are working on new CDs. Some members have won awards for band or solo performance skills, songwriting, and other accomplishments. I'm delighted with the personal and professional growth that has been acknowledged on this site.

Those of us who perform in clubs have seen the clubs come and go. The economy has affected that too. There are fewer clubs hiring live musicians. There are few gigs to post on the events calendar. Again, I look forward to watching the calendars grow.

The site itself was totally rebuilt from the root up once, and has had a cosmetic rework. There's a new look in the works, so keep watching.

Some of our members have undergone major personal changes: divorces, loss of jobs, death of family members, birth of family members, moving to another state, breaking up of bands, and health issues. We're just a subset of the general population and not excempt from the joys and heartbreak of life.

I'm no different. I've undergone personal changes: loss and gain of pets, leaving bands and changing my focus from performing to songwriting and recording, health issues, changes in my family, and changing jobs. I even have a new CD of all original and co-written songs, "I Wanted to Fly." Many of the members of AcousticByLines are co-writers and performers on this CD. I'm honored that they were willing to work with me on this 4-year project. I couldn't find a better group of talented musicians anywhere else!

This site pays for itself, but not for my time. It is truly a labor of love. I believe in what I'm trying to do here and thank all of you, members and visitors alike, for helping this site live.

The first column I wrote was "Faith". It was about the Founders who believed in my vision. I am so grateful to them. I honor their faith in me, and hope I have not let them down.

Thanks for visiting AcousticByLines.

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