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June, 2007

"Recording Tips "

by Webmaster

I'm in the process of making a CD of my original songs. I'm happily writing, recording, working with co-writers, instrumentalists, singers, and a delightful recording engineer, Jim Ratts of Runaway Express Runaway Express: Bands, Singers, Songwriters / Composers, Solo Performers, Sidemen, Instrumentalists, Performers, Entertainers, Musicians, Cowboy Poets also of Raven Studios. I hope to have a 3-song sampler out in June and the full CD done in the first quarter of 2008. I'm taking the time to do it right.

I have submitted two of the songs to the upcoming Colorado Bluegrass Music Society compilation CD. So, I did the appropriate copyrights, joined B.M.I. as a songwriter and publisher so I could register my songs, and built a web page for my publishing business, Colorado Sandstorm Music Colorado Sandstorm Music Places to Hear Acoustic Music, Locations, Venues, Clubs, Festivals, Music Promoters.

In addition to all of that, Colorado Sandstorm Music joined Disc Makers as a business partner. One of the publications they sent me had advice for "making the most of your time in the studio." The following are excerpts from "37 Recording Tips", which cover before you go into the studio, setting up, recording, and mixing:

  1. Record your songs during live gigs and pre-production rehearsals ... [to] reveal weak parts of songs.
  2. Have all the musical and vocal parts worked out.
  3. Prepare all sequenced material before the session.
  4. If you plan to use a click track, make sure your drummer is comforable playing to it.
  5. Rehearse more songs than you plan to record. You never know which songs will sound strong on the final tape.
  6. Take care of your body before and during your recording sessions.
  7. Be early.
  8. Make the studio a comfortable and relaxed place.
  9. Make sure you and the engineer have the same vision — go over your songs him/her before recording.
  10. ... plan how you will leave room [on the tracks] for all of the essential parts.
  11. Use new strings, cords, drum sticks and heads — and bring spares!
  12. Find out the hours of the local music store just in case....
  13. Don't use new gear of different equipment that you haven't used before.... Surprise can cause problems.
  14. Remember, it's emotion and feeling that make the best song, not necessarily the best technical rendition.
  15. If you mess up a part while recording, don't stop and start over. ...check to see if the engineer can punch in the correction.
  16. You don't have to fill all the tracks on the tape — don't try to force something that won't fit.
  17. Always keep in mind the focus of your misic. ... Don't waste time on things that don't highlight the focal point.
  18. Get the sound you want while recording.
  19. Unless you have unique effects, record individual tracks clean and add effects later.
  20. Don't necessarily double track everything.
  21. Know when to quit for the day.
  22. Keep guests out!
  23. Make backup copies after every recording session.
  24. Tune up often.
  25. Singers: always bring water but don't use ice!
  26. Always get a track listing and accurate time log from the studio.
  27. Listen to your music at moderate levels in your car or on a boom box.
  28. Sometimes its good to take a day off and come back to listen.
  29. As you review each mix, make sure you can comfortably hear all of the instruments.
  30. Know when to quit for the day.
  31. Listen in the studio to CDs you're used to hearing on your home stereo to get an idea of how the studio's system sounds.
  32. Determine a band spokesperson ahaead of time.
  33. Once you have selected an engineer (or a producer) to mix your recording, have them do the first mix.
  34. Think about the songs as a whole not just the individual instruments.
  35. If mixing somewhere other than the recording studio, make sure you use the same speakers.
  36. Decide which format you want the finished mixes to be on.... Use the format that is most practical and economical for you.
  37. Count on and budget in unforseen delays.

* Extra Bonus Tip: Always, always, always make a safety master.

If you want, you can tell Disc Makers that you were referred by Colorado Sandstorm Music Colorado Sandstorm Music: : Places to Hear Acoustic Music, Locations, Venues, Clubs, Festivals, Music Promoters.

I hope these ideas help. Please let me know.

Thank for visiting AcousticByLines.

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