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March, 2006

"Winfield KS"

by Wisconsin Dave (aka Dave Irwin)

We are a country with a people that have become lost in a maelstrom of daily activities. Most of our time is filled. There is so much stress, troubles and difficulties of all sorts. We lose touch with ourselves, our loved ones, and experience little or no interconnection. In the end, we don't even dream anymore.

In Winfield, for a few short days, I have witnessed something different. I have seen and felt a place where time has stopped, and some kind of magic has taken hold. I hear everyone use that term. Once experiencing this intoxication, you're pretty much done, you are captivated. It's a place where for a brief moment, people from all over the country come to experience the interconnection, peace, and a spirituality that is sadly missing back in the land of "reality".

The glue that binds this community together is the amazing heartfelt music, acoustic music produced by human hands through the voice of wood from trees that bring life to the land. Unlike the cynical product on radio waves that have compartmentalized people into segments for manipulation into profit generation, this is honest music played straight from the heart and transmitted directly into the hearts and minds of all those fortunate enough to stand in it's immediate but short-lived pathway.

(written Sept, 2004)

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