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December, 2005

"How to Practice"

by Webmaster

I found a couple of articles and handouts about how to practice. I got one at the RockyGrass Academy many years ago, and another was written by Charlie Hall and published in The Black Rose in May, 1999, and reprinted in The Black Rose, Nov/Dec, 2005. Some of these suggestions are specific to music. Some apply to any endeavor. The idea is that playing music is not the same as practising. Just as it's important to know what to practice, it's important to know how to practice.

  • Set Goals: long term (some day), medium term (next month), short term (today)
  • Pick realistic goals
  • Give yourself more chances to get it right
  • Take breaks in your practice
  • Listen to yourself
  • Isolate and Improve: you don't need to learn the whole thing at once
  • Don't practice mistakes: don't quit after you've done it right only once
  • Schedule a time to practice without interruptions and distractions

I hope this helps you.

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