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March, 2004

"The Impact of Music"

by Webmaster

I heard a song recently that had a profound impact on me. Actually it was just the last two lines of the chorus: "Our ships are safe at harbor / But that's not what ships are for."

Somehow poetry has that effect on us: it says so much with imagery and few words. Songs take that one step further: they add the emotional impact of music.

But, that's intellectualizing the emotional process.

We find the things in our lives that have meaning. We bring to us the things and people that we need at the time we need them. Apparently, I needed to hear that song at this time in my life. In some ways, I've been safe at harbor and I need to sail my ship out of safety and see what I can find.

Please, use this web site to keep track of your favorite artists. And feel free to share this web site with your friends.

And, take a chance. Visit a musical venue you've never been to. Go hear a musician who is new to you. I hope the events listed on this site will help you sail your ship into new waters. I hope it is a pleasant and successful journey.

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