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Steve Pierce


Back In Kona CD

available on digital streaming sites

  Steve Pierce
Loose Ends and Hidden Gems ©2022

  1. I'm Going to Kona (Steve Pierce)
  2. The Blind Man (sits in the corner watching) (Steve Pierce)
  3. Look For Me in the Lava (Steve Pierce)
  4. Friends and Family (Steve Pierce)
  5. Wish You the Best (Steve Pierce)
  6. She's My Little Jenny (Steve Pierce)
  7. Wings of the Wind (Steve Pierce)
  8. It's Great to be Living (Steve Pierce)
  9. Rainbow (Steve Pierce)
  10. Down the Alley (Steve Pierce)
  11. Full Moon in Kona (Steve Pierce)
  12. Cabin in the Mountains (Steve Pierce)
  13. Three Beers and a Bloody Mary (Steve Pierce)
  14. Back in Kona (Steve Pierce)
  15. Traveling Down this Winding Road (Steve Pierce)
  16. Moutain of Freedom (Steve Pierce)
  17. You Can't Look Back (Steve Pierce)

Ernie Martinez
Where I Make My Home ©2008
Steve sings harmony on some of the tunes


Ernie Martinez: Where I Make My Home CD

Back In Kona CD  

Steve Pierce
Back In Kona

Back in Kona (Steve Pierce)

Steve Pierce
Look For Me in the Lava

  1. Look For Me in the Lava (Steve Pierce)
  2. 3 Beers & a Bloody Mary (Steve Pierce)
  Look For Me in the Lava CD
The Lights Go Dim  CD

available on digital streaming sites

  Steve Pierce
The Lights Go Dim

  1. My Sister So Far Away (Steve Pierce)
  2. Five Pennies (Steve Pierce)
  3. The Lights Go Dim (Steve Pierce)
  4. Sorry Old Friend (Steve Pierce)
  5. Nametags (Steve Pierce)
  6. If It Weren't For Your Love (Steve Pierce)
  7. I Still Love You So (Steve Pierce)
  8. Friend, It's Been A Long Time (Steve Pierce)
  9. The Vagabond (Steve Pierce)
  10. Come Summer or Fall (Steve Pierce)
  11. Crack Another Bottle (Steve Pierce)
  12. I Found A Way (Steve Pierce)
  13. Bubble Gum Song (Steve Pierce)
  14. 'Til The Mornin' Comes (Steve Pierce)
  15. Just let the Ass Hole Go (Steve Pierce)
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