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Jeff King


Jeff King: The Golden Thread   Jeff King
The Golden Thread
  1. The Golden Thread (Jeff King)
  2. The Face of God (Jeff King)
  3. The Long Way Around (Jeff King)
  4. Hero's Journey (Jeff King)
  5. Endurance (Jeff King)
  6. The Silence of Your Voice (Jeff King)
  7. Meditation Jones (Jeff King)
  8. Dandelion (Jeff King)
  9. Dark Ages (I Offer My Peace) (Jeff King)
  10. Expressing ... as One (Jeff King)
Jeff King
This One Life

  1. This One Life (Jeff King)
  2. Love, After All
  3. Back Where We Started From
  4. Take A Deep Breath
  5. By Myself
  6. The Light
  7. Elusive Romance
  8. Home
  9. Out of Reach
  10. Persistant Soul (Jeff King)

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  This One Life CD
Cool Shooz: A Cappella CD   Cool Shooz
Cool Shooz A Cappella
  1. Vehicle
  2. Bohemian Rhapsody
  3. Take Me to the River
  4. This Island Earth (Jeff King)
  5. Free Ride
  6. Some Kind of Wonderful
  7. Pinball Wizard
  8. Sign Your Name Across My Heart
  9. My Girl
  10. Expressway to Your Heart
  11. Long Train Runnin'
  12. Papa Was a Rolling Stone
  13. Everlasting Love
  14. I Knew the Bride (When She Used to Rock and Roll)
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