July 20, 2010

The Hosts:


The Guests:

  • Timothy P. Irvin
  • John Magnie
  • Butch Hause
  • Chris Stongle
  • Amy Lerner
  • Kit Simon
  • John Macy


photos by Bill Patterson

back: Butch Hause, John Magnie, Jon Chandler, John Macy; Front: Amy Lerner, Kit Simon, Chris Stongle, Timothy P Irvin, Jeff Graves, Dana Vernon, Johnny Neill
Dana Vernon, Timothy P Irvin John Macy Amy Lerner, Butch Hause, John Magnie
Kit Simon, Mo Walker John Magnie Chris Stongle, Dana Vernon, John Macy
John Magnie, Timothy P Irvin Chris Stongle Butch Hause, John Magnie, Timothy P Irvin
Timothy P Irvin, Dana Vernon Jon Chandler Timothy P Irvin, Butch Hause, Johnny Neill
Chris Stongle Butch Hause Dana Vernon, John Macy, Johnny Neill, Jon Chandler
John Magnie Timothy P Irvin Mo Walker, John Magnie, Amy Lerner
Chris Stongle Dana Vernon John Magnie
John Magnie, Timothy P Irvin, Christ Stongle, Dana Vernon, John Macy, John Chandler
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