March 18, 2014 - 10th Anniversary Show

The Hosts:


The Guests:

  • Dakota Blonde

"Vickie Dunning made an absolutely stunning cross-stitch of the Spanish Peaks in honor of Jon’s signature song masterpiece to Jon and Pat Chandler." — Bill Patterson

photos by Bill Patterson

back: Don Pinella, Jon Chandler, Jeff Graves;  middle:  Johnny Neill, Ernie Martinez, Tony Raddell, Mary Huckins;  front:  Kit Simon, Toby the dog
Jon Chandler Mary Huckins Ernie Martinez, Johnny Neill
Jeff Graves Marlene Don Pinella Mary Huckins, Tony Raddell
Don Pinella Jon Chandler Don Pinella, Mary Huckins
Pat Chandler, Vickie Dunning, Jon Chandler Ernie Martinez yellow crisscross polygrip gloves
Jeff Graves, Jon Chandler, Ernie Martinez, Johnny Neill


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