December 20-21, 2011

The Hosts:


The Guests:


Rocky Mountain Stocking Stuffers, including:

  • Timothy P. Irvin
  • Dana Vernon
  • Mary Huckins


with a special presentation by Pam Hawkins for Ernie's 55th birthday.

photos by Bill Patterson

back: Timothy P Irvin, Jon Chandler, Al "Doc" Mehl, Jeff Graves;  front: Dana Vernon, Kit Simon, Mary Huckins, Johnny Neill
Al "Doc" Mehl Dallas Vernon Ernie Martinez
Johnny Neill Jon Chandler Dana Vernon
Kit Simon Jeff Graves Tim Irvin, Dana Vernon, Ernie Martinez
Jon Chandler, Tim Irvin Ernie Martinez, Pam Hawkins Tim Irvin, Dana Vernon
Ernie Martinez
Dana Vernon, Tim Irvin Mary Huckins
Timothy P Irvin, Kit Simon Al "Doc" Mehl Jon Chandler, Tim Irvin, Dallas Vernon
Jon Chandler Timothy P Irvin Jeff Graves, Dana Vernon
Pam Hawkins Mary Huckins Mary Huckins, Ernie Martinez
Jeff Graves Kit Simon Dallas and Dana Vernon
Dana Vernon Tim Irvin Ernie Martinez, Johnny Neill
Mary Huckins Al "Doc" Mehl Timothy P Irvin
Pam Hawkins Jon Chandler Dana Vernon, Ernie Martinez, Johnny Neill
Timothy P Irvin Ernie Martinez Johnny Neill
Mary Huckins Dana Vernon Jeff Graves
Jeff Graves, Jon Chandler, Timothy P Irvin, Dana Vernon, Ernie Martinez, Johnny Neill, Al "Doc" Mehl


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